Captain Haggis' Pirate Adventure

Your kids become part of the crew of one the most famous pirates to sail the Seven Seas... Captain Haggis. There is pirate magic and storytelling, sea-shantys will be sung and the bad kids will have to walk the plank... if we had a plank — we don’t. A treasure hunt concludes this 45 minute show.

This show is best for school-agers and has been rated “AAaarghy!” by the Pirate Association of America.

Other Characters

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Mr. Jeffrey's Magic Show

What is fun and silly and magical all over? Mister Jeffrey’s Magic Show, that’s what! This 45 minute show includes storytelling puppets, a special prize for the birthday child, and... Oh, yeah, and MAGIC!
This show is appropriate for ages Pre-K thru 4th Grade.

Game Shows

Do you like trivia? “Come on down!
Do you like games? “Come on down!”
Do you like fun and excitement? “Come on down! You're the next contestant on... The Game Show!”

Test your wits, strength and speed against other contestants in our awesome one hour game-show experience. Choose from one-on-one Trivia Battles to full-on Faction Feuds. We even have a contest where you’ll need at least a minute if you want to win it.

Dr. Shock's Science Explosion

Think mad scientist meets Saturday Night Live and you get an idea of what this hour-long show is like. Kids will get hands-on experience doing science experiments ranging from everything from making polymers to bending metal. Did I mention we’ll be making SLIME? All experiments are safe, non-toxic, and won’t leave a mess for mom to clean up. No actual explosions will occur.
Appropriate for all ages, but best for older, school age audiences.